Canon EOS M200 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with 14-45 mm Lens - Black

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It's never been easier to shoot and share creative, professional-looking photos. The EOS M200 is a smart, connected,
lightweight camera that will unlock your creativity and take your photography further.

Key Features
-Don't follow the smartphone crowd. Discover your creative side with an easy-to-use, connected EOS camera that lets
you shoot professional-looking photos, swap lenses and capture the ambience of any occasion – even in low light.
-Shoot more than smartphone snaps. High-quality photos shot with the EOS M200 last the test of time – capturing the
ambience of important occasions and showing your subjects at their best.
-Show off your creative skills to friends and followers. Link the EOS M200 to your smart device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
for Auto Image Transfer, online photo sharing and remote camera control.
-It’s never been easier – or more fun – to take pictures in your own distinctive style. The EOS M200’s guided user interface
and Creative Assist mode make professional-looking photos easy.
-The EOS M200 is small and light enough to go with you in your everyday bag. A 180˚ flip-out touchscreen helps you
compose from creative angles and shoot great selfies.
-Tell your story with a huge range of interchangeable lenses. Inspire your creativity with a portable EF-M lens or the
ultimate flexibility of any EF/EF-S lens via an adaptor.
-The EOS M200 captures 4K video that looks amazing on your home 4K TV. Also try shooting slo-mo footage at 120fps
in HD mode, or time-lapse movies in stunning 4K.
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