Khind BF-12S 12" Desk Fan

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The Khind BF125 12" Desk Fan provides powerful air cooling – ideal for small rooms and offices.

Key Features
Keep yourself cool when it's hot outside. The BF125 has three speed settings for variable cooling and oscillation and tilt functions
to let you distribute air in all directions.
The brushed finish gives the fan a smart and contemporary look, while its compact size still delivers 60W power and effective air
cooling when you need it.
Cool down however hot it gets with the convenient Khind BF125 12" Desk Fan.

Brand Khind
Model BF-12S
Product-Type Desk Fan
Weight (kg) 2.50
Product Height (cm) 40.5cm
Product Width (cm) 45cm
Product Depth (cm) 15.5cm
Subtotal: $60.00