Cornell Blue Bae Series Non Stick Detachable Multi Cooker 3.6L CMC-S360X

384 point

SKU: HA000250
Categories: Home Appliance
Adjustable temperature from 90ºC to 220ºC
With working indicator
Transparent tough glass cover, with plastic handle
Detachable cooking pan, easy to clean
Cooking pan with non-stick coating, easy to clean
3.6L deep cooking pan
PP plastic housing, cool touch

Voltage : 220-240V
Frequency : 50/60HZ
Power : 1000-1200W
Capacity : 3.6L

Actual Product:
Measurement : 320(L) x 343(W) x 187(H) (mm)
Weight : 2.55 kgs
Subtotal: $60.00