Panasonic NC-K301 Electric Kettle

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SKU: HA000164
Categories: Home Appliance
The Practical and Long-lasting Stainless Steel Design
-LED Boil Indicator
-Hassle-free Cleaning
-Removable Anti-scale Filter Keeps Water Hygienic
-Just Press to Open
-Easy to See Water Level Indicator
-Model: NC-K301
-Type: Kettle
-Color: Stainless
-Power Consumption: 1850 - 2200 W
-Dimentions Body (WXHXD (ApproX.)): 241 X 218 X 144 mm
-Body + Power Base (WXHXD (ApproX.): 241 X 239 X 144 mm
-Mass Body (ApproX.): 0.88 kg
-Body + Power Base (ApproX.): 1.12 kg
-Capacity (ApproX.): 1.7 L
-Length of the Power Cord (ApproX.): 0.7 m
Subtotal: $60.00